Premium Microfiber Cloth


Premium Microfiber Cloth
Premium Microfiber Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth Premium Microfiber Cloth


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Today's luxury handbags are made from soft, supple leathers. Soft leather needs a soft touch when it comes time to clean your bag. Whether you're applying one of Laston's premium leather treatments or simply dusting off your bag for the season, trust this premium microfiber cloth to get the job done. It's made from high quality split microfibers, with maximum surface area to absorb dirt and grime. The fibers carry a slight positive static charge, so dirt and dust are attracted to the cloth and cling to the woven fabric, not to your handbag!

  • High quality microfiber is soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic.
  • Split microfiber threads absorb maximum water, oil, and dirt.
  • 12"x 12" cloth is machine washable for easy care
  • Perfect for applying Leather Moisturizer or wiping away spills

Our microfiber cleaning cloth is a great choice when you are conditioning your leather bag with Laston Leather Moisturizer. The soft, absorbent cloth helps you apply a light, even coat of moisturizer. Dry, the cloth is an excellent choice for wiping up drips or buffing the handbag's leather to a perfect finish.

Microfiber is machine-washable and easy to care for. If you have used the cloth to apply leather conditioner or other leather treatment products, we recommend you wash the cloth by hand in warm, soapy water before laundering, to prevent the cloth from introducing unwanted chemicals into your laundry.


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