Frequently Asked Questions About Laston Handbag Care Products

General Product Questions

Can I use Laston products on other leather goods?

Laston products are safe for all smooth leathers, but we have created and tested them specifically for handbags and other premium fashion leathers.

Can I use Laston products on suede, alligator, or ostrich skins?

Generally, no. We designed Laston products for traditional luxury leathers such as cow, pigskin, and lambskin. We have not tested Laston products on exotic skins such as ostrich, snake, shark, or alligator.

What is in Laston?

We care about you, your handbag, and our environment, so we use natural ingredients and recycled materials whenever possible. Our Leather Moisturizer is non-toxic, and our Guard Spray is free of volatile organic chemicals. Our formulas are proprietary, however.

Laston Leather Moisturizer

The color of my handbag is important to me. Will Laston Leather Moisturizer darken the leather?

When used as directed, Laston will not darken or stain smooth leather. Always start using a small amount of Laston in an inconspicuous area, and use more as you get a sense of what your handbag needs. Make sure to buff your bag with a dry, soft cloth afterward.

Does Laston protect against UV damage?

We try to keep our formulas as natural as possible, and there are no UV treatments we could add that would be healthy for both you and for your handbag. Adding a UV chemical would impair the leather’s natural ability to breathe. Unlike car seats, the leather in handbags is only out in the sun for a few hours at a time. Keeping your bag moisturized will help it to resist the drying and fading effects of the sun.

Will this product work well on leather that is cracked or scratched?

Laston Leather Moisturizer can help prevent cracks and scratches by keeping leather supple and resilient. Used carefully, Laston Moisturizer may help to reduce the appearance of minor scratches and scuffs. However, it cannot repair existing cracks or deep scratches. A leather repair shop or handbag specialist may be able to help you further.

How much should I use?

Less is more. Laston Leather Moisturizer is designed for small, frequent applications. Start moisturizing in a small area and observe how much product your handbag can absorb. One bottle of our leather moisturizer is enough to soften, condition, and revive several large handbags.

What does it smell like?

It has a very mild smell which dissipates quickly. Laston products are made with natural ingredients and no Volatile Organic Chemicals. It's not going to stink up your house!

Laston Guard Rain & Stain Repellent Spray

Isn’t my new bag already water-resistant?

Assume nothing—manufacturers don't keep this a secret! If the tag on your bag doesn't mention weatherproofing, you should assume the bag has no protection.

Is Laston Guard safe to use on premium leather?

Of course! The Laston family of products has been specifically formulated and tested for today’s high-fashion leather handbags. Laston Guard protects delicate vachetta leather, calfskin, sheepskin, and suede without changing the softness and finish you love about your handbag.

Please don’t use any of our products on exotic skins such as ostrich, alligator, or shark leather.

How long do I have to wait for my bag to dry before I use it?

Spray Laston Guard as a light, even mist on your handbag, wait ten minutes, then repeat. At no time should your bag be wet or dark from the spray, which would indicate that you are holding the bottle too close to your handbag. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours for Laston Guard to settle in before you use your bag.

Will Laston Guard affect the finish of my handbag? Will it become shiny or waxy?

We think your handbag looks beautiful already, so we formulated Guard Spray to dry invisibly, with no shimmer or wax finish.

Can I speed up the drying process with heat or sunshine?

Please don’t. Laston Guard isn’t just drying; the formula is penetrating into the leather of your handbag to protect it better. Heat, fans, or sunshine will alter this process and may dry out your bag.

Does this product contain silicone-based water repellents?

Laston Guard does not contain silicone compounds, so it will not clog leather’s natural pores.

Is Laston Guard going to make my bag smell like chemistry class?

Our spray is free of harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals (VoCs) that make many other rain repellant sprays so pungent. Due to its safer, less noxious chemistry, Laston Guard is one of the few protective sprays that are legal and safe to ship via air freight; that’s why you can get Laston Guard delivered so quickly!

Can I spray Laston Guard on the canvas panels of my LV bag?

Laston Guard has been formulated and tested for smooth leather and suede leather. While it may also protect other materials, we have not tested these uses.

Will Laston Guard corrode or damage the metal buckles and loops on my bag?

Laston Guard does not contain unduly harsh chemicals. However, we recommend you wipe all metal pieces dry after spraying Guard.

How do I get Laston into little cracks and creases? Can I use a paper towel?

We designed Laston Guard for a spray application. Applying it wet with a finger or cloth is almost certainly using too much product, and risks saturating your leather unnecessarily. If the spray doesn’t work its way into those little areas, a few raindrops likely won’t, either.

Will Guard waterproof my handbag?

Leather is a naturally breathable, absorbent material, so no product can make it truly “waterproof.” Applied properly, Laston Guard will cause water and other liquids to “bead” on the surface of your handbag and roll off for easy cleaning, but no product can protect leather against soaking or immersion.

Laston Leather Cleaning Wipes

Will Laston Leather Cleaning Wipes remove ink and marker from my bag?

Laston Leather Cleaner works best on everyday dirt, grease, and grime. It will also safely clean many makeup and food spills from smooth leather. Ink, wine, and nail polish are difficult stains to remove, and may require professional cleaning.

Is Laston Leather Cleaner safe for all colors of leather?

Yes. Our natural formula should not fade, darken, or discolor your handbag. We always recommend you test the product on a very small area first, just to be sure.

Note: Many leathers, especially those with vibrant colors, are treated with an abundance of pigment at the factory. Some of this excess pigment may show on the cleaning cloth the first time you use Laston Cleaning wipes, but that does not mean that your bag is losing its color.

Why can’t I just use soap and water?

Please don’t ever use soap or detergent of any sort on your leather handbag. Soaps contain oils that can displace the natural moisture in leather, leaving your bag hard or prone to cracking. And detergent can discolor your handbag or tarnish the metal fixtures. Water of any sort can cause your bag to swell, stretch, or wrinkle.

Can I use this on wet stains, or should I let them dry?

You should always clean something as soon as possible. Don't let stains set.

Can I use Laston Cleaning Wipes to clean suede?

Absolutely not. Only very specialized cleaners and conditioners are safe for suede and nubuck leathers. Seek the advice of a leather specialist or a dry cleaner knowledgeable about suede cleaning.

How long can I keep the wipes in my bag?

Laston products should be good for two full years from date of purchase.

What is the pH of Laston Leather Cleaner?

All of our products are neutral pH 7.

Do I need to wash my hands after handling Laston Cleaning Wipes?

Our wipes contain nothing toxic or harmful, but we still recommend you wash your hands once you have cleaned your bag.

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