Protecting your Handbag from Humidity and Mildew

Protecting your Handbag from Humidity and Mildew

A designer handbag can be a real investment, so caring for your bag should be almost as important as using and enjoying it.

During the off-season, you’ll want to keep your handbag in a cool and spacious environment and check on it every month. Humidity can be a real enemy to a leather bag, so follow our tips to protect it from those unsightly mold spots which can ruin your favorite fashion asset.

Dry it Before Putting it Away

Don’t put a bag in storage if it is in any way wet. In fact, drying your bag should be your first priority. If your bag has been out in wet weather (e.g. snow, rain, heavy fog), dry it immediately after use. Otherwise, mildew marks can appear as soon as a day after carrying it around. You may wipe the handbag with an absorbent cotton cloth to remove drops of water from its surface.

Apply a Conditioner Before Storing it

Your handbag may not like humidity, yet it does need moisturizing. Before drying it and storing it for the season, consider using a good leather conditioner to help maintain leather's natural moisture.

Silica Gels Work Wonders

The next step in preserving your handbag from fungal enemies is to keep a few sachets of silica gel in it. Costing just pennies at hardware stores and even some department stores, silica gel beads absorb water molecules in the air, thus preventing them from getting into the leather. Make sure you replace the silica bags every couple of weeks. They won't completely foil the possibility of mold, but consider using them nonetheless.

Air It Outside of the Closet for a Day

Most of us don’t get regular updates from our closets, so leaks, dustballs, and little critters are a real concern. Check on your bag periodically. When you do, take it out of the closet and let it “breathe.” Keeping it inside the closet continuously will increase the risk of mildew growth, since leather contains nutrients mold feeds on.

Make Use of a Dehumidifier

Designer handbag owners who live in warmer climates cannot get rid of humidity even if they use silica gels and air out their closets often. The answer to their problems could be a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier—wait for it—reduces the level of humidity in the air, thus preventing your leather bag from getting damp. Bonus? A dehumidifier can help people feel better, too!

Invest in Dry Cabinets

The last thing you might consider purchasing if you have humidity difficulties is a dry cabinet. These cabinets let you store your bags without worrying they'll get mold stains. The damages mold causes are sometimes irreversible, so in case you own multiple expensive designer handbags, your best solution may be a dry cabinet. Searching Google for “dry cabinet” will lead you astray into crazy industrial warehouse stuff, so search for “dry cabinet” at a camera or electronics store to find solutions that will fit in your closet or next to your dresser. It is easy to use and you can certainly place it somewhere in your apartment, be it big or small.


Taking care of a leather handbag can be a meticulous process, but we hope our tips will help you in preserving your designer piece from the dangers of humidity.

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