How to Prep Your Handbag for Resale

How to Prep Your Handbag for Resale

Every now and then we get bored of things we used to like. Designer handbags are no exception. By reselling them, you are not only de-cluttering your closet, but also making a profit from it.

There are a lot of ways to sell your handbag. You can mention it to some fashion-oriented friends or bring it to your local consignment store. Selling it online is probably the most convenient option. You can always list it on eBay. Also, Websites such as Tradesy, or Rebagg offer you cash for your old bags in good condition. No matter where you sell it, online or in person, you'll want your bag to look and feel its best. Follow these crucial steps to ensure a quick sale at a high price.

Get to Know Your Handbag

You have to be familiar with the product you want to resell. Make sure your bag is authentic, and know whether the bag strap, the handle and the lock are original. High-end consignment shops and handbag resale Websites usually insist upon authenticity, so you'll want to double-check. Original packaging and tags can be very helpful here. (Next time you get a new handbag, keep the tags and your receipt in an envelope.) For really high-end items, you would also want to know whether the bag came in limited edition. Do that by consulting an expert on designer bags. Other useful information about the handbag includes what size it is and what material it is made from.

Get it Camera-Ready

If your bag has some rough spots, clean it up a bit before you photograph it. We've got some great tips on the best ways to help an older handbag look its best.

Categorize the Bag's Condition

After you've authenticated and cleaned your bag, it is time to see what kind of condition your designer piece is in. That can range from bad to pristine, depending on the number of scratches, discoloration, and noticeable defects. Use Baghunter's selling guide in case you have doubts about your bag's condition.

Send It to a "Spa Treatment"

Consider sending the bag to a so-called "spa treatment" only if its shape is not excellent or pristine. Services such as The Handbag Spa have dedicated their time to rejuvenating old handbags and making them as close to the original as possible. For a high-end handbag, spending a little money on professional restoration can fetch more offers and a higher resale price.

Determine Its Worth

It's important to know the approximate value of your bag. The first thing to know is what the bag cost new. If you bought it yourself, the price is presumably known to you. If you got it as a gift, you might need to do some research. The second thing to know is how the value of your bag has changed due to age, condition, and changes in fashion. You would then want to consult your local designer handbags shop or check the current price of similar items on other online consignment stores like Material World or Fashionphile.

Take Quality Photos

Excellent photos lead to a successful sale. Particularly if you'll be selling the bag online, you'll need some great close-up photos of the texture, color, and overall condition. If your bag has some rough spots, even after cleaning, you'll want to include those in your photographs, to avoid any hurt feelings or upset buyers. Your cell-phone camera isn't going to cut it for this task; you'll need a real digital camera. Studio lighting is best, but a sunny window and a plain white table can work well, too.

You now know how to prepare your handbag for resale, so start following our tips to get the premium offer for it.

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