Handbag Storage: What Are the Proper Steps to Take When Storing Away a Luxury Handbag for the Season?

Handbag Storage: What Are the Proper Steps to Take When Storing Away a Luxury Handbag for the Season?


A luxury handbag is a special item admired by fashionable women and men around the world. It usually comes with a big price tag, so you would want the handbag to last through years of use. Beyond regular maintenance, your handbag needs preservation from aging and damage, so storing a bag means more than simply throwing it into your closet. Luckily, there are some proper steps to take when storing your designer handbag for the season.

Apply a Moisturizer and a Water Repellent

Your precious handbag must be in pristine condition at all times. You'll want to apply a protectant to the surface of the bag, or else the leather loses its elasticity and cracks. Laston's Leather Moisturizer will make sure your handbag stays in good condition and retains its moisture, while the Guard Stain and Water Repellent protects it from water and dirt.

Give It an Inside Support

A whole season lasts a few months. If your handbag gets stuck under a pile of clothes and other bags, it loses its original shape very quickly. That shape is hard to restore. Consider giving it an inside support—stuffing it with a pillow or tissue paper so your bag maintains the original form before you decide to wear it again. [i]

Put It in a Dust Cover, Case or a Handbag Organizer

Proper storage includes putting the handbag in a dust cover. Most of them come with their own dust bag when you buy them. Be careful you do not throw it away. Additionally, you may put it in a case if you want to make sure the handbag is protected against dust and filth. Never use plastic or vinyl coverings. They trap moisture and may cause mold. Also, your bag lacks the proper air flow that is essential for it to stay in neat.[ii]

Store It in a Cool and Spacious Environment

After you applied moisturizer, gave the bag an inside support and put it in a dust cover or a case, it is time to see where you can place them. You would want to reduce the risk of them being crumpled and stained, so placing the handbags to a cool and spacious environment is a way to go. In case you have a small apartment and little place for storage, another option is to purchase a hanging handbag organizer. That way you can easily see which bag you want to take since the organizers are often see-through. [iii]

Rotate the Bag and Check on It Every Month

Using your bag too often will wear it out. Make a habit of switching your bags regularly to preserve their immaculate condition and to prevent the worn-out look the older handbags tend to have.[iv] [v] It is important to check on the bag every month or so to see whether it is still in the same state you left it in.






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